Emiel van den Heiligenberg

Head of Asset Allocation

Emiel is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the team’s investment and business strategy. He claims to have been a promising lightweight rower at university until French fries got the better of him. Reflecting his love for rowing in a team, he firmly believes that excellence can only be achieved by a great team made up of motivated individuals that are also eager to work together. To this end he is the self-proclaimed inventor of the verb 'teaming' to acknowledge that shaping a top team and culture of excellence is an ongoing process. Outside of work-family obligations, Emiel’s spare time is filled by a passion for shark diving and skiing. Prior to dedicating his career to portfolio management in 1996, Emiel worked as a policy adviser in the Dutch Ministry of Finance and he graduated from Tilburg University in the Netherlands ages ago. When not glued to his Bloomberg screens, this Dutch man is hooked on computer games, peanut butter and his favourite dark beer made by Belgian monks.

Posts by Emiel van den Heiligenberg


So what exactly is ‘helicopter money’?

Over the past few weeks we have frequently debated the likelihood of 'helicopter money'. However, I have noticed that people tend to use the term to mean many different things. What some people call a helicopter, other people would hardly call a drone. In light of this I think it might be helpful to answer the question: what does helicopter money really mean?

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The giant crush of yields

Investors are in a massive search for carry as an increasing percentage of the bond markets is generating negative yields. This, amongst other factors, has fuelled huge inflows into emerging market debt (EMD). We are long hard currency EMD and the position has benefited from this search for yield. We wonder, however, has EMD now become too expensive?

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Portfolio Thinking

Don’t sweat the small stuff

This summer saw “Cheerleader” become Billboard's top hit, the return of the jumpsuit for women and ‘monochrome’ outfits for men. Unfortunately most fund managers haven't been able to enjoy these trends as August stocks saw their worst performance since 2011, it was pretty much all hands on desk.

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Are there sharks in the water?

Some of the readers of Macro Matters have asked me whether I had perhaps written the last one, “The good and bad of low growth”, from a remote island during one of my shark diving trips, completely separated from markets, as I didn’t explicitly comment on all major events and headlines.

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