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More reserve from the Fed

Yesterday, US central bank chairman Jerome Powell told rates to take a hike. While the move was widely expected, are there longer-term ramifications?

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Carney’s contracting conundrum

In November, the Bank of England decided not to go beyond reversing the 'insurance' rate cut it made following the EU referendum. Since then, however, the UK labour market has improved and inflation has remained stubbornly high. This presents the governor with a conundrum. Should he raise rates again soon or remain cautious and wait for the fog of uncertainty regarding the final Brexit deal to lift?

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Portfolio Thinking

Pulp Fixion

At times, over 50% of fixed income managers outperform their benchmark indices. Understanding the drivers for that is important for manager selection, but far too often it's attributed to the wrong causes. It's time to pulp the fiction and instead recognise the roles that non-benchmarked investors and new issue premiums play.

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Quantitative exhaustion and deflationary fears

See my recent Bloomberg TV interview where I discuss global inflationary pressures

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