Behavioural finance


Mindcraft: the podcast

Understanding how the mind can help or hinder investment success is a cornerstone of fund management and helps me in everyday life too. One of my idols, Daniel Kahneman, said the aim should be to make it part of everyday chats, so we've recorded an episode for our podcast where we try to do just that.

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Good cop, bad cop - is Trump a negotiating genius?

On the face of it, Donald Trump has proven to be an aggressive and erratic US president. Yet academic research shows 'good cop, bad cop' works as a negotiating technique. Although we're seeing a lot of 'bad cop' Trump at the moment in the trade war, is this just a negotiating tactic?

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Portfolio Thinking

What the Stone Age can teach investors

Evolutionary psychology highlights a Stone Age mentality hardwired into our brains and reflected in our behaviour and habits. For example, we tend to organise ourselves into groups in order to adapt more easily to different environments: behaviourally it is far less dangerous to be wrong in a group than to be right on our own. This explains the desire and impulse of an individual investor to follow the crowd.

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Share the love, don't love the share

Love is not logical. Arguably, nor are investors who stick with underperforming investments in the belief that their fortunes may reverse against all evidence.

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