Argentina: in economic quicksand?

Last year's market darling, Argentina, now finds itself in a vicious cycle of a weakening currency, rate hikes, lower growth and higher debt. So how can the country avoid a liquidity crisis turning into a full-blown crisis?

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Portfolio Thinking

Adios Mexico – for now

Now that the investment case has played out, I've caught up with an economist, a strategist and a fund manager as they say adiós to Mexican assets.

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Portfolio Thinking

Risky or not? The currency hedging debate for equities

Some investors propose hedging all currency exposure while others see no benefit to hedging at all, so is currency exposure a risk?

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The euro rides the wave

Many 2017 outlooks included the sentence "in a strong US dollar environment..." Expectations for the US dollar immediately after the election of President Donald Trump were elevated, while the euro continued to face headwinds. As often happens with forecasts, it couldn't have been more wrong. So what's next?

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